Hi folks here is a set list from one of our gigs.

This is from a gig we played at Newcsville Uni, outside the bar on the hill in June of '96.

Not one of our best shows, we still pulled a bitchin' crowd and kicked a shitload of arse.

Trust: Spam try to be serioso...a cover of the theme tune of one of our favorite movies; "Trust" by Hal Hartley. We dig this toon, Yensher espech cos shes gets to play drums (boom ching Ba-doom boom ching (repeat) is the beat, for all you drummers out there.).

Barbastic: is really "Barbie" we hate this song but Anna used to always make us play it and so we would whinge and moan and say "do we have to?.. but we haaate it. Don't make us play it agaain". For a while we magically changed it to "Bust a move" but then it changed back. (of its own accord).

Foot (Club): The full title to this song was originally "I'll have another footballer (then I'll go)". A song inspired by spams favorite veterinarian, Dr Harry Cooper. We recorded this song and sent a copy to Dr Harry himself, proposing to make a film clip starring him, perhaps running along a beach in slo mo followed by a heard of animalia (some perhaps with bandaged limbs). Dr Hazza wrote back saying he'd take the idea on board, but due to a busy schedule he'd have to put it on the backburner for the time being. unforch we stopped playing this song soon afterward because it was stupid.

SexDwarf: A cover of the Soft Cell song. Spam with they were makin it with the dumb chauffeur.

Truckers: Another cover. This songs full title is actually "How fast them trucks will go" when we first started playing this song , to really get in tune with the whole truck stop scene, we would play this son on CD (the truckin people version) and act out the scenario described in the song, taking turns to be 'flo'

Heres a bit about each of our songs.....

Mrs Clegg: PLAY SONG A true story about Megsys weirdo neighbor from when she used to live on Nesca Parade.....Apparently Mrs Clegg had a dizzy spell one day and called the police but she wouldn't let them inside so they stood below her window calling out to her "Are you O.K. Mrs Clegg" and she called back "No I'm terribly dizzy" and they called back "Well you'd better hold onto something Mrs Clegg" to which she replied "Whoooaaaahhhh" and fell over backwards. Its true I swear, just ask Megsy.

Combski: Combski la Muttski is "comb the mutton" in Polish. Comb the Mutton means having sex. e.g."Did you comb the mutton?" "Nah, didn't get lucky". A Polish person might well be heard saying "Did you combski la Muttski?" to which the standard reply would be "Nah, (in polish) didn't get luckski"

God: Homage to the G-man. Also to Daniel Johns, Jon Bon-Jovi, Pope JP II, the Fonz, among others...

Off Chops: PLAY SONG Or "I'm off-chops (so how about it ?)" We had thought "off chops" was a universal term for various states of inebriation, Alas we've since discovered it is only used in select circles of the cool Newie scene. In fact, outside the immediate band there may be six people who use it. Once at a gig someone asked "whats off chops mean?", a long time fan and loyal follower replied "Rooly fuckin pissed".

Street Cred: This is going right back to our early work. The first song we ever wrote, inspired by newcsville skaters; particularly marcus and spleen, but also lesser known figures, such as Miffhead, Lil' Gizzard, Scary, Barney, Fletcher, and Petros.

Rok da Hus: Rock the house tonight man. I said ROCK goddamn it.

A Vasted Griesh: A wasted drag.... My cigarette my friend. A progressive rock tune influenced by the likes of bands such as Def Leppard, Skid Row, The Angels......

The Lazy Eye: Let it be known that Spam have never been requested to do an encore, we like to have something prepared just in case, usually something French.