This is a Photo of the good ship SPAM taken in autumn of 1996..

From the left we have..... Spanna - Philthy - Yensher - Megsy - Mantis.

More of a concept than a band, Spam are an intelligent and thoughtful bunch of ghouls who take there work very seriously. Spams songwriting efforts are indicative of their serious outlook and no joke approach to there work. A mere glance at any of Spams lyrics will convey their concern for world issues and other very important things, while seeming crude on a surface level, the lyrics are in fact loaded with messages and layers of meaning on all kinds of philosophies. Unfortunately, however many less informed types do not appreciate the subtlities of Spams words, mistaking their insights and observations of the world around them for meaningless utterances about pretty much nothing. Or is it the other way around? gosh, I can never remember, on questioning a Spam member all I managed to extract regarding this matter was "Spam kick ass". I Then spoke to their manager for some inside info on the Spamsters lyrical content and meaning and all I could get out of him was an apparently irrelevant quote from his younger brother, "Pez is a slang word for small". Who knows man...

Anyway you decide, I think spam would like to retain some kind of enigmatic mystery about themselves and their lyrics, hence the quote from Megsy, Bassplayer "We would like to remain a mystery and an enigma". Apparently Megsys favorite word is "Chickenshit" enough of the bullshit lets get onto the nitty gritty on Spam.

Here is a list of some of the things Spam like and hate.



  • Ghouls

  • Pubic Moes

  • Pigs in Blankets

  • Documentaries about animal attacks

  • Our sista band the Spice Girls

  • Quick dries

  • George Kastanza

  • Fast Cars

  • Uneric Beasts

  • Early Mornings

  • Swimwear Shoots in Winter

  • Swimwear Calenders (the making of)

  • Being constanly recognised as past School Legends

  • 3 Day Benders

  • Playing with bands that we are far superior to.